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The I5arc project will develop a sustainable and human-centred methodology for next-generation Human-AI collaboration processes, utilizing and advancing State-of-the-Art technologies and methods on knowledge creation and modelling, semantic collaboration, interoperability, and explainable AI. The project focuses on the manufacturing context, which has significant untapped potential for productivity and resilience gains through responsible Human-AI collaboration and provides a highly relevant field for developing and testing the solutions to extrapolate in other societal contexts.
The European manufacturing industry's key challenge is improving its productivity and resilience against the turbulent market and resource availability conditions. Industry 4.0 technologies have created a considerable foundation to cope with this challenge.
However, providing technical solutions alone will not address this challenge fully if the human and interoperability aspects are not considered thoroughly, as shown in recent impact studies.
I5arc proposal shall address this challenge from Industry 5.0 perspective by developing multi-agent (Human, IoT, Robot, AI service) collaboration architectures, enabling synchronization and human-controlled knowledge sharing within the execution of complex manufacturing processes. The objective is to introduce innovative and generic concepts for up-to-date human-centred plant-level collaboration knowledge creation and sharing to improve the processes' productivity and resilience. Human empowerment will be facilitated by trustworthy and explainable AI services and technological means- assisted reality, mixed reality and extended reality (company metaverse). The project methodology enables human adaptation as an active participant in these new architectures by providing access to plant knowledge and learning on-demand AI-assisted services directly from their workplace.


Novitech a.s. is developing a system of tools designed to create and manage work orders that can be used on building and construction projects. This European project is focused on the concept of the so-called The Digital Twin of the future building, the state of which is constantly updated to match the state of the currently constructed building.

Novitech a.s. is participating on development of application tools that place emphasis on managing multiple work orders at once, managing tools and human resources, and finally, managing individual workers and their work roles.

On 4th October 2022, COGITO consortium hosted the webinar "Practical Tools for the Construction Sector in Digital Twin", recommended for everyone interested in Digital Twin and current practical solutions in that area. During this session, public was informed about the progress that this project has made. It was also great opportunity to get feedback from future customers providing various polls. 

October 2022: Finalization of the BIMERR project



Novitech a.s. has developed a specific notification systems which is able to transmitting communitation between users, the called - adaptive workflow management & automation tool (PWMA for managers), which has been integrated into a completely new ecosystem of ready - made solutions for renovation projects. 

Key funtionalities: 

  • creation of detailed workflows
  • assignment of tasks to specific workers such as – job description, work status, camera sharing, capturing and sending images, videos and documents during work, reporting result and data summarized during work,
  • a description of the work tasks that need to be performed, together with the data of a particular building and its components

The tools developed by Novitech, a.s. have been demonstrated at several residential buildings in Greece, Spain and Poland and provided valuable feedback. Novitech a.s. cooperated on this project with other recognized and successful companies and teams throughout Europe.

For more information please visit: https://bimerr.eu


FEBRUARY 2022: I3D 2022 innovated and extended Industrial Services

We are glad to announce availability of our new innovated and extended I3D Industrial Services portfolio. The innovated features: new dashboard, improved object recognition services. New services added: Real-life industrial site event management, multilevel workflow structures.

These new services with availability from March 1, 2022, can significantly contribute to digitalization of human-centric industrial activities.

The new I3D VR/AR workflow engine was developed and is being deployed for construction site process digitalization Horizon 2020 COGITO project.

For demonstration of I3D services please contact us here.


The Work Order Definition and Monitoring tool

November 2021

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