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Strategic solution: pBusiness Ring
1.Designing organizational processes with activity content specification, defining outputs, the activity flow and resources for their execution. So called process maps – maintained in a corporate knowledge-base.

Tax Information System
Application software package of the tax information system for the Slovak Republic (APV DIS) is one of the most significant information systems developed for the state administration and simultaneously the most extensive software application of the Slovak Republic.

Complex Information System for General Health Insurance
In 2005 Novitech a.s. employees continued the supply of additional subsystems for KIS VšZP.

Novitech a.s., with Head Office in Košice - Slovakia, is a dynamic company active on the field of the development and implementation of large information systems and a provider of project management services.
Novitech Group
Established in 1989, Head Office in Košice, Slovak Republic, the Novitech Group consists of four daughter companies, six subsidiaries in Slovakia with independent legal personality, one in Hungary, one in Belgium and one in Luxembourg
Novitech is a dynamic company and holds customer satisfaction as their main priority. Since 1989, Novitech has been building a powerful team of experts. If you want to find out more info click here.
Lack of up-to-date information and knowledge for the farmer communities on CAP (Common Agriculture Policy), mainly in the less favoured regions of the new Member States, may become a crucial failure factor of the community-wide policy deployment with envisaged continuous reforms in the future (modulation).
Why p-Business Ring
Increased turbulence within the business environment in deliverable outputs as well as in the utilisation of human, material and information resources, urge companies with greater vigour to accommodate a flexible structure and processes with respect to ever changing conditions.
Process-driven Business Information systems
Workshop - Smart Organizations in eBusiness