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paul smith stockist Get a proper reggae bass guitar setup.Buy a decent bass.Fender jazz basses are popular with many reggae bassists, a notable user being Aston "Family Man" Barrett of The Wailers and The Upsetters.Another popular bass guitar brand is Paul Reed Smith, used by Robbie Shakespeare of Sly and Robbie.Put a set of flatwound strings on your bass for the mellow and muddy bass tone favored in dub and reggae music. Use the neck pickup to produce a deep, sweet tone.Don't turn the tone on your pickups all the way up, however.Set the EQ on your amp to a proper reggae tone setting.Crank up the bass and leave the treble flat.Listen to a lot of reggae to get a feel for the groove.Check out groups like Bob Marley & The Wailers and Toots and the Maytals.Take note of the bassist's role in regards to the drums and guitar. Try to play along.Play as close to the neck as possible with your picking hand.This will help cut out the highs and darken the sound to give it more of a fat, thumping reggae tone.Don't use a pick.Use the pads of your fingers to play.This will help you achieve more of a smooth sound.Try palm muting the strings by laying the palm of your hand across the strings near the bridge and playing with your thumb.

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